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Cock and Bull Stories

Tuesday 12th June

A fairy tale, a made-up or trumped-up story, a fabrication, concoction, piece of fiction, falsification, falsity, lie, untruth, falsehood, fib, deception, or a (little) white lie, half-truth, exaggeration, prevarication, departure from the truth; yarn, story, red herring, rumour, myth, flight of fancy, figment of the imagination; pretence, pretext, sham, ruse, wile, trickery, stratagem, tall story, tall tale, whopper, porky, porky pie, terminological inexactitude, bullshit…

… Telling a cock and bull story is in essence what storytellers do.

Cock and Bull Stories June 18

Come along and join us to hear an evening of yarns being spun that will challenge your view of reality and what is possible.

To book to tell a 10 minute story please contact Wendy Atkinson at




July 10th – Benefit night for the Newhaven RNLI – Return of Nell Pheonix with another mesmerising professional performance!

Sept 11th – The Serpent King’s Daughter – from the members of the GuestHouse Storytellers’ committee.

Sept 29th Storytelling workshop with Arthur Dyer – 10am -4pm at South Heighton Village Hall. £30 (bursaries available, please get in touch in confidence if you are unable to afford the cost). Bring your own lunch. Book your place through the website

October 9th  – Tales from the Graveyard. Club Night. To book a 10 minute slot to share a tale, email Ronda at

November 13th – Dominic Kelly tells The Gift

December 11th – Winter Tales to Warm the Heart. Club Night Mulled wine and sweet treats served at the interval

GuestHouse note: We always welcome new tellers, so if you’d like to try out a story you’ve practiced, you’re always welcome to book a 10 minute slot to tell it at one of our club evenings.

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