magical imagecrop5What is storytelling?

 Storytelling is the art of performing a story to a live audience.

Performance storytellers memorise the main “bones” of their stories and then improvise around those bones, using voice and gesture to bring them to life. Because stories are not learnt word for word, they can be adapted to you the audience and the mood in the room, and to incorporate recent events and the teller’s personal connections, creating a rich tapestry of words and images that will be experienced like this only once.

An oral story is a living thing and it lives and evolves, not in the words, but in the images you, the listener, create in your imagination and the words that you use to pass it on. It carries the meaning that you take from it. It becomes yours.

And just as important as any of the above, storytelling is fun. It makes you laugh and cry, feel angry and joyful and nourished.

These are some of our things people have said after attending their first oral storytelling performance:

“It was incredible. I felt I was right there in the story. I could see the pictures, hear the voices, even smell the flowers and feel the breeze on my skin.”

“I was completely transported to a different world. When the story ended it took me a few minutes to come back to the room where we were.”

It is hard for an adult to remember the childhood experience of being immersed in a well told story. Why not come along and try it?

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Where: The Hillcrest Centre, Bay Vue Road, Newhaven, BN9 9LH(Map).
Free parking and disabled access.There is a cafe serving organic meals, snacks and cakes and a very warm and welcoming atmosphere.

When: Café opens 7.00pm, stories from 7.30pm on the second Tuesday of the month.

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