Nell Phoenix July 2018

Little Red Riding Hood and other Lost Girls

“Thank you so much for such a wonderful evening on Tuesday.  Your storytelling was spectacular!”Nell Phoenix RNLI 2018

The 3 Troubadors  April 2017

What a great evening. The Three Troubadours, Scandinavian souls able to speak of their dreams and cares, first kisses, of death, of life, of Persian princesses and flights at night on white horses; buckets of blood wisdom found here and yet thankfully no cocks a crowing; no Gilderoy Lockharts, all was male vulnerability and strength, strong medicine, and good hearts, please come again”.

“Yes bring on this male vulnerability and strength, something more men would benefit from accessing; as to be able to be vulnerable is a real strength. As well as being enchanted, I learnt more about what man’s hearts are made of. Bring it on”.

“Yes, one of the best evenings I can remember. Funny, playful, artful, and profound. And a brilliant use of their three languages”.

“The ‘Sea of Stories’ evening at the Lifeboat House was amazing; so many talented storytellers and Jamie Crawford was mesmerising…”

Jamie Crawford

Jamie Crawford – click for details

“Story listening allows me to drift off into a trance-like space and enter a dimension where transformations take place on the margins between consciousness and the hidden deep-sea. I love the Guest House because it is friendly and accepting, there is a cafe, and the parking is easy!”

“I really liked the feeling of wholeness in the room. It was as if we were all sharing something together. I felt part of the community, not alone as I am with a book, or separate as I do in the cinema. Maybe this is how people feel at a football match.”

RNLI event July 2016 with Michael Harvey and Pauline Down:
Those of you who were there know what a wonderfully joyous celebration in song and story this was of our relationship with our neighbours over the water. “The best evening yet…” was said several times. Fish and chips were enjoyed by almost everyone (the highest number of orders yet), there were lots of new faces and we raised almost exactly £1000 for the lifeboat.RNLI


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