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Our Next Event Tuesday 14th April

This event is cancelled. We plan to re-book Marion when we are able to. Meanwhile stay safe!

Women and Power: stories from Orlando Furioso

Told by Marion Leeper: with songs by Jessica Law

Meet the peerless knight Bradamante, fighting her way through the dilemmas that face every powerful woman. A mixture of surrealist fantasy and heart-breaking tragedy,this romp through a farrago of mythology asks questions that are as relevant to women today as they were to the court ladies of sixteenth-century Italy who were its first audience: terrorism, immigration, weapons of mass destruction, and the perfect recipe for fish pie.

Marion Leeper April 2020

This show is based on the Italian romance Orlando Furioso, 500 years old, but as edgy and modern as if it was written this morning. A mixture of knock-about clowning and heart-breaking tragedy.

But underneath the mad adventure and throwaway humour it raises questions about the ways women can and should wield power.

Marion tells live improvised stories in and around Cambridge for many
years, in local schools, museums and libraries: and has toured shows
for grown-ups at clubs and festivals around the UK and the US. A
member of Cambridge Storytellers, in 2016 she was the first Bard of
Cambridge. She delights in weaving subtle and intricate pieces shot
through with unexpected humour.Marion and Jessica April 2020

Jessica Law, she of the one and only steel mandelele, specialises in beautiful, disturbing, theatrical folk songs, and is currently promoting her fifth studio album, “Apparently”. Covering subjects as diverse as
Greek mythology, day-glo dinosaurs and walking dead, her melodies
will haunt you as much as her stories.

“I found this piece funny, thought provoking and delightful. Never a dull moment.” Jonathan Lambert, Hare Moon Storytelling.

Café opens 6.30pm. Stories  7.30 – 9.30pm

£7 in advance, £9 on the door

Age 12+

Bay Vue Rd, Newhaven BN9 9LH
Free parking. Disabled access.

May 12th -Favourite Fairy tales

Open Evening – “So come with me where dreams are born and time is never planned”. Come and celebrate Peter Pan Day, which falls this week, by telling your favourite fairy tale. Or just come, sit back, relax and be enchanted, because we need listeners too. To book a 10 minute slot to share a story email John Alden:

Open evenings at the Hillcrest Centre, Newhaven BN9 9LH.

Cafe opens at 6.30 pm Stories from 7.30 £5 on the door. Age 12+

June 9th – Over Sea, Under Stone

Open evening – an evening of stories about journeys across sea and sky, or overland, underground and into the underworld,or whatever the title suggests to you. As always if you have a story you are burning to tell that does not fit the theme, do come and tell it anyway! To book a 10 minute slot to share a story, email Ronda Armitage:

Cafe opens at 6.30 pm Stories from 7.30 £5 on the door. Age 12+

July 14th Ana Lines – more details to follow

For our annual charity event this year we are back at Newhaven RNLI – tickets available through the website £10 in advance (Fish and Chips optional extra) At Newhaven Lifeboat station, Riverside, West Quay, Newhaven BN9 9BT. All ticket sales will be donated to Newhaven RNLI

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