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Researched by Umi Sinha and told by Elizabeth Scott & Umi Sinha

Tuesday 13 November

ON 19th August 1942, 24 year old Flight Sergeant Jack Nissenthal, a Cockney of Polish-Jewish parentage, volunteered for one of the most dangerous missions of the Second World War as part of the ill-fated Dieppe Raid – a mission so dangerous that his Canadian bodyguards were ordered to kill him rather than let him fall into enemy hands.

Told in Newhaven, the town where the survivors landed after the raid, this extraordinary and inspiring story is as astonishing as any wonder tale, with obstacles, hardships and dangers, enemies and unexpected helpers in the darkest moments. Will Jack and his companions succeed in their quest and return with the treasure?

Sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction.

This unusual storytelling project is delivered with clarity, humour and poignancy. Umi and Elizabeth introduce the show by sharing vivid family memories that relate to the main story, a story whose documentary bones are brought to life with dramatic tension, unforgettable images and piquant social observations. Their delivery is pitch-perfect: conversational and direct, and respectful of a historical event that occurred within living memory. A strong two-hander that deserves to be heard.” Jamie Crawford, Professional Storyteller http://www.jamiecrawford.co.uk

Age 12+

Hillcrest Centre, Newhaven BN9 9LH.

Free parking, disabled access.

Café opens 6.45pm. Stories start 7.30pm.

£6 on the door on the night.