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February 12th Rachel Rose Reid with part 2 of “Silence”

By popular demand: Rachel Rose Reid with Part II of “Silence”. (You do not need to have seen Part I.)
In the whole World, only one manuscript unfolds the Roman de Silence.
It was discovered in Wollaton Manor, Nottinghamshire, in a box marked Old Papers – No Value, buried under some letters from King Henry VIII. A legend had been patiently waiting, for seven hundred years.

silence part 2 feb 2019

But it was 1911. A tale of female sovereignty was a little too hot to handle. Suffrage protests were at their explosive height. The academics had discovered an ancient story which declared that King Arthur’s own lineage depended on the emancipation of his female descendants. So the manuscript itself was kept silent. But the story was made to be told. Now is the time to tell it. A tale of naughty trysts and gender shifts, chivalry and shade, nature and nurture, music, mayhem, and a ravenous Merlin on the trail of a juicy bit of steak.

“Immense skill and breathless conviction… There’s no faulting Reid’s command of her craft” The Times

Cafe opens 6.30pm. Free parking, disabled access. Tickets £7 in advance, £9 on the door. Available through our website: https://guesthousestorytellers.com/coming/book/